Bardarbunga 02.09.2014

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Iceland 02092014


mag<1= 54 , mag1= 82 , mag2= 13 , mag3= 3 , mag4= 0 , mag5= 0
total= 152 , total energy released= 491.1608 TTNT

Daily status report 02 September 2014 – compiled by IMO (Icelandic Met Office) and IES (Institute of Earth Sciences)
A noticeable decrease in seismicity has occurred during the last 24 hours. The level of activity is approximately half of that during recent days.

The rate of deformation at GPS sites closest to the dyke intrusion has decreased. Together with an overnight decrease in seismicity, this implies that magma inflow appears to match magma outflow at the eruption site.

The eruption has not created any ash-fall.

A white plume of steam and gas rises from the eruption on Holuhraun, reaching an elevation of about 4.5 km above sea level. Downwind, a volcanic cloud extends from the eruption site. Yesterday afternoon, a white cloud from the eruption extended 60 km to the north-north-east.
In comparison to yesterday, more sulphur dioxide has been measured in the eruption cloud.

Sandstorms on the floodplain around the eruption site have contributed fine-grained particles to the eruption cloud. This was seen as a light-brown haze earlier today near to Egilsstaðir.

The eruptive fissure is about 1.5 km in length, positioned about 4.5 km from the ice margin of Dyngjujökull.
At 14:00 UTC yesterday, the lava flow was 4.2 km2 in area. At 08:00 UTC the edge had extended 1.5 km to the east-south-east.
The eruption continues, although there appears to have been a slight decrease in activity compared to yesterday.

Cross Sections

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02092014 latitude cross sectionlatitude cross section reference mapreference map 02092014 longitude cross sectionlongitude cross section

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