Bardarbunga 05.09.2014

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Iceland 054092014


mag<1= 78 , mag1= 48 , mag2= 5 , mag3= 1 , mag4= 0 , mag5= 1
total= 133 , total energy released= 1,399.18
Daily status report 05. September 2014 – compiled by IMO (Icelandic Met Office) and IES (Institute of Earth Sciences)
At about 7:00 UTC this morning RÚV reported that new eruptive fissures had opened to the south of the on-going eruption.
Two new eruptive fissures formed south of the previous eruption site in Holuhraun, in a graben, that had formed above the intrusion, about 2km away from Dyngjujökull.
The eruptive fire fountains from the new fissures are substantially smaller than in the older fissure. Steam and gas rises in a south eastern direction from the fissure.
The cauldron in Dyngjujökull seems to have grown deeper since the last observation.
No changes are visible in Bárðarbunga.
Substantial amounts of SO2 are still being released to the atmosphere in association with the eruption.
Considerable activity is in the northern fissure (fissure 1) and the height of the steam cloud is about 15,000 feet.
There are no indications of the eruption in Holuhraun being in decline. The lava from fissure 1 continues to flow to the east north east and has grown in area since yesterday.

Cross Sections

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05092014 latitude cross sectionlatitude cross section reference mapreference map 05092014 longitude cross sectionlongitude cross section

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