Bardarbunga 06.09.2014

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Iceland 064092014


mag<1= 84 , mag1= 37 , mag2= 3 , mag3= 0 , mag4= 2 , mag5= 1
total= 127 , total energy released= 659.8226 TTNT

Daily status report 06. September 2014 – compiled by IMO (Icelandic Met Office) and IES (Institute of Earth Sciences)
Two eruptive fissures are active. The main activity is on the same fissure that has been active since the eruption began. In addition the fissure that opened yesterday morning is still active.
The lava now extends 10 km ENE and has just under one km to reach Jökulsá á Fjöllum river.
A surveillance flight over Bárðarbunga showed up to 15 m subsidence has occurred in the centre of the caldera, which corresponds to a volume change of 0.25 km3.
In the surveillance flight yesterday a shallow, wide depression was observed on the surface of Dyngujökull, 10 km from the glacier edge. Another depression 6 km from the Dyngjujökull ice edge, which has been monitored over the last few days has deepened and is now 35 m deep.

Cross Sections

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06092014 latitude cross sectionlatitude cross section reference mapreference map 06092014 longitude cross sectionlongitude cross section

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