Bardarbunga 15.09.2014

interactive map

timeline graph

Iceland 15092014


mag<1= 44 , mag1= 65 , mag2= 3 , mag3= 5 , mag4= 0 , mag5= 1
total= 118 , total energy released= 1,926.1173 TTNT

* IMO’s reviewed data is currently unavailable, for the sake of continuity I have used their preliminary data, edited to contain only events with over 90.01% quality. The map and graph above reflect this data, it is not final.
Daily status report 15. September 2014 –
The eruptive activity at Holuhraun and the subsidence of the Bárðarbunga caldera
continues at similar intensity as yesterday. Scientists had to leave the area because
of bad conditions so there is no new information about the progress of the lava flow.
The subsidence of the Bárðarbunga caldera continues. According to GPS
measurements the subsidence in the centre of the caldera is about 50 cm over the
last 24 hours.

Cross Sections

click on thumbnails for full size image, opens in new tab

15092014 latitude cross sectionlatitude cross section reference mapreference map 15092014 longitude cross sectionlongitude cross section

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