Images 23.09.2014

Mila Web Cams

screenshots from web cameras based on Vadalda lava dome looking SW towards Bargarbunga
click on thumbnail for full size image, opens in new tab

Bardarbunga Web Cam Two

two23092014-184606 two23092014-184559 two23092014-184547
two23092014-184536 two23092014-184521 two23092014-184506
two23092014-183544 two23092014-183518 two23092014-174801
two23092014-174748 two23092014-174657 two23092014-150314
two23092014-150233 two23092014-150152

Bardarbunga Web Cam One

23092014-201848 23092014-194812 23092014-184908
23092014-183344 23092014-175320 23092014-174316

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