Images 24.09.2014

Mila Web Cams

screenshots from web cameras based on Vadalda lava dome looking SW towards Bargarbunga
click on thumbnail for full size image, opens in new tab

Bardarbunga Web Cam Two

two24092014-202234 two24092014-200610 two24092014-190223
two24092014-183857 two24092014-174805 two24092014-173311
two24092014-163604 two24092014-161011 two24092014-154301
two24092014-084507 two24092014-073916 two24092014-070756
two24092014-062940 two24092014-050145 two24092014-031423

Bardarbunga Web Cam One

24092014-204222 24092014-201629 24092014-200655
24092014-193534 24092014-190248 24092014-183926
24092014-174830 24092014-173143 24092014-163515
24092014-161023 24092014-154238 24092014-084456
24092014-073925 24092014-073057 24092014-070743
24092014-062952 24092014-055928 24092014-050125

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