Images 02.10.2014

Mila Web Cams

screenshots from web cameras based on Vadalda lava dome looking SW towards Bargarbunga
click on thumbnail for full size image, opens in new tab

Bardarbunga Web Cam Two

two02102014-195445 two02102014-194155full size two02102014-192751
two02102014-191959 two02102014-181314 two02102014-174551
two02102014-164416 two02102014-145808 two02102014-083208
two02102014-075045 two02102014-065817 two02102014-061856
two02102014-032408 two02102014-001820

Bardarbunga Web Cam One

02102014-195321 02102014-192725 02102014-191949
02102014-181325 02102014-174601 02102014-170003
02102014-164818 02102014-164427 02102014-154436
02102014-145759 02102014-083218 02102014-075037
02102014-065824 02102014-061847 02102014-001829

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