Images 03.10.2014

Mila Web Cams

screenshots from web cameras based on Vadalda lava dome looking SW towards Bargarbunga
click on thumbnail for full size image, opens in new tab

Bardarbunga Web Cam Two

two03102014-145057 two03102014-142056 two03102014-073819
two03102014-073134 two03102014-072736 two03102014-072603
two03102014-072454full size two03102014-071509full size two03102014-071418
two03102014-062953 two03102014-014304full size two03102014-014218

Bardarbunga Web Cam One

03102014-231619 03102014-230119 03102014-214619
03102014-211618 03102014-201239 03102014-200739
03102014-200239 03102014-194739 03102014-194239
03102014-192739 03102014-151056 03102014-074501
03102014-073806 03102014-072644 03102014-071543
03102014-071407 03102014-064211 03102014-062903

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