Aerial Images 10102014

These screenshots were taken from a flyover video by pilot Gísli Gísla­son on 10/10/2014 of the eruption area showing the new Baugur cone and the Holuhraun lava flows.
original video here


flying in from the north (facing south)

approaching from the north 1
approaching from the north2

turn over the Baugur cone
new Baugur cone 1

flying past the cone north to south
new Baugur cone 3
new Baugur cone 4
new Baugur cone 2

closer view in north direction over Baugur cone
new Baugur cone 5
new Baugur cone 6
new Baugur cone 7

lava field to north of Baugur
lava feild looking north 1
lava feild looking north 2
lava feild looking north 3


One Comment to “Aerial Images 10102014”

  1. THANKS MUCH FOR ALL THE WORK YOU and the other ” ‘professional’ quake/volcano jockeys” do! And a hello to Puterman.

    What are your guesses of what we’ll see at the lava flow/river juncture . . . when we are able to see it in pics or video?

    What are your gut impressions/instincts suggesting will be the next most dramatic events in the area?

    I hope they get the GPS graph going again soon. I hope it did not fall down a crevice!

    off topic:
    Wish I could hire your roof repair . . . got a biggish problem on dad’s double wide . . . a swamp-cooler related one on my single wide . . . and another in a corner of the sun room. LOL. Gotta redo 2 “V” valleys on dad’s that result in a leak just inside the front door and in the corner behind his chair. LOL. Wheeee. May have to wait 4-6 months until I can afford it. Good the SW is dry.

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