Bardarbunga-Askja Timeline Graphs

The graphs below show a 24 hour period, comparing the magnitude of earthquakes with hours of the day. The Red line joins each marker on the graph (not shown) to create a continious “wave”. The closer together they are on the time axis the more events there are within that given time period, when they spread out with more of a gap then that is less quakes in that time period.
Data for the graphs is sourced from the Icelandic Meteorological Office’s weekly data lists from the SIL seismic network, which automatically detects and locates earthquakes in Iceland and the surrounding offshore region. This database is based on manual routine corrections of the automatic bulletin produced by the SIL system. The earthquake list that appears is not final and can contain some errors, but gives a good overview of earthquake activity. The data has been processed to cover the area of Bardarbunga-Askja, a rectangle Latitude 64.577204, to 65.188378 and Longitude -16.130349 to -18.111927

11082014graph 12082014graph
13082014graph 14082014graph
15082014graph 16082014graph
17082014graph 18082014graph
19082014graph 20082014graph
21082014graph 22082014graph
23082014graph 24082014graph
25082014graph 27082014graph
28082014graph 29082014graph
30082014graph 31082014graph
01092014graph 02092014graph
03092014graph 04092014graph
05092014graph 06092014graph
07092014graph 08092014graph
09092014graph 10092014graph
11092014graph 12092014graph
13092014graph 14092014graph
15092014graph 16092014graph
17092014graph 18092014graph
19092014graph 20092014graph
21092014graph 22092014graph
23092014graph 24092014graph
25092014graph 26092014graph
27092014graph 28092014graph
29092014graph 30092014graph
01102014graph 01102014graph
03102014graph 04102014graph
05102014graph 06102014graph
07102014graph 08102014graph
09102014graph 10102014graph
11102014graph 12102014graph
13102014graph 14102014graph
15102014graph 16102014graph
17102014graph 18102014graph
19102014graph 20102014graph
21102014graph 22102014graph
23102014graph 24102014graph
25102014graph 26102014graph
27102014graph 28102014graph
29102014graph 30102014graph
31102014graph 01112014graph
02112014graph 03112014graph
04112014graph 05112014graph
06112014graph 07112014graph
08112014graph 09112014graph
10112014graph 11112014graph
12112014graph 13112014graph
14112014graph 15112014graph
16112014graph 17112014graph
18112014graph 19112014graph
20112014graph 21112014graph
22112014graph 23112014graph
24112014graph 25112014graph
26112014graph 27112014graph
28112014graph 29112014graph
30112014graph 01122014graph

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