Upptyppingar Swarm 2007

In February 2007, micro-earthquakes (ML from -0.3 to 1.0) were registered for the first time south-south-east of Upptyppingar. All seismic activity observed until 2007 in the Kverkfjöll volcanic system was sourced from the volcano’s centre, Kverkfjöll.
Seismicity in the region began gradually with 33 earthquakes recorded from 24 February to 15 March, most of which took place during the last five days of the period
Following a month of quiescence, seismicity resumed on 15 April at a more intensive rate.
This activity consisted of numerous swarms, each lasting several hours. Curiously, both earthquake rate and size tended to increase during individual swarms. After an interval of
hours to days, a new swarm initiated with similar characteristics.
At the end of May, after a few days’ quiescence, swarm activity resumed with greater intensity, resulting in numerous, daily earthquakes
Following a ML 2.2 earthquake on 21 July, the seismicity rate increased sharply toward the end of July. The ML 2.2 earthquake was the largest event recorded in the 2007 swarms
Between September and mid October earthquake activity was occasional. Following this period, several short-lived swarms were observed until mid November.
On 7 December, the most intensive swarm of the observation period began, producing ~1,500 earthquakes within the first five days of the swarm.
Over an 11-month period, the seismically active region migrated from Upptyppingar, spreading ~12 km east-north-east to the Álftadalsdyngja lava shield.
At the end of 2007, over 5,300 earthquakes had been detected and the region remained seismically active into 2008.
These images below have been reduced to 750 pixels wide to fit this page panel, they are actually 963 pixels wide. To see full size animation and full size individual static images, right click with your mouse and “view image”.
Data sourced from IMO.
* interactive maps of the 2007 period for the whole of Iceland are available for viewing on my Earthquake Archives, so you can if you wish zoom each map into the Upptyppingar area for more detail.

Animation of Upptyppingar 2007

Static Images


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